2013-08-19 01:10:06 by 4chickens

Donate? just click here a few timez ( )
thkz dudez.

Planet Minecraft Update! #2

2013-08-17 16:24:40 by 4chickens

Hey pepz i have been working on that map nonstop i will have it finished soon
i have been making skins in my spear time so go check those out!

My Pmc V

And i need some ideas so email / tell me on Facebook Please!

My Yahoo V

my facebook PMC V

see u guys :3

Planet Minecraft Update! #1

2013-08-16 22:42:47 by 4chickens

Hey every 1 this is an update for Pepz who r here because of my planet Mc

I'm making a new map where 2 players race each other they both have speed boosts and must doge many obstacles.
There will be 22 tracks to race on! and a boss at the end. (all this red stone makes my head hurt.)

so get ready for that i am also updating my other maps because they have some bugs =)
if you haven't checked my PMC here is the link
i will see you guys latter!

Planet Minecraft Update! #1

I realy like this face!

2013-07-21 19:19:03 by 4chickens

Hey NewGrounds i made some new art (i seem to really like making crystals) so yeah go check that out. leave comment.
i love this face!

Check Out this Mc map i made


2013-06-21 20:30:59 by 4chickens

Hey pepz I have just made some Art it's pretty cool. (That's just my opinion (: so go check it out And leave a comment).